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Publishing in Comicality

Comicality is a place of hospitality for all work on comics and graphic culture. Scientific journal with a very rigorous peer-review process, it aims to promote the work of researchers in all disciplines and all grades.

Submitting articles and calls for papers

Comicality’s publicationstake place in two spaces.

A "Thematic" depends of a call for papers that is presented at the beginning of each section. It is valid for an unlimited period of time and its delivery date ensures a fast process of evaluation and publication. But you can always send us proposals in the form of a draft of around 3000 characters.

The animation of a "thematic" is given to researchers who wish to structure a scientific field from their own work. They write a call for papers and precise it several times on Les Carnets de la bande dessinée. They may insist on remaining aspects of their proposal they believe to be explored. Finally, they participate with the editor in the selection of proposals and articles submitted for evaluation.

“Eclectics” bring together articles not responding to a call for papers and involve the same evaluation rules as a "thematic". Proposals take the form of a draft of around 3000 characters.

Peer-review process

Our objective is to give value to works on comics and graphic culture and Comicality is organized around a peer-review process mobilizing several committees. Examining all the scientific proposals, they are intended to help researchers improving their writing stating any track of thoughts or useful reference.

All texts (articles, call for papers) are presented to them anonymously and the editor is the only one who knows the identity of their authors.

  • Call for papers (scientific committee). They are written by the researcher wishing to take a "thematic" in charge and are subject to an exchange with the editor. When this one judges the project mature enough, it submits it to the scientific committee that makes suggestions for strengthening the coherence of the approach.

  • Proposals (scientific committee). Selected by the editor and eventually the researcher heading a "thematic", they are submitted to the scientific committee. It gives an opinion that is worth encouragement or request the researcher to clarify its approach.

  • Articles (peer committee). They are first submitted to the editor who eventually invites the author to rework. The editor then chooses to present them anonymously to two experts of the peer committee: they formulate an opinion based on specific criteria (see downloadable form). The unanimity of the three votes is required for publication.

Certifying information and ensuring the publication of quality works, this process can be extremely long: we invite researchers who wish to publish in comicality to contact us well before the drafting stage of their work. To do this, you should use the following email address:

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