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For more than twenty years, Communication & organisation, a journal published by the MICA research centre (EA 4426 Université Bordeaux Montaigne), has been actively taking part in the structuration and dynamism of the organisational communication research field in France and abroad. Recognized as qualifying journal by CNU 71 and HCERES, the printed edition is published by the Presses Universitaires de Bordeaux. The review offers two thematic issues per year, as well as off- survey columns.

Latest issue
59 | 2021
La communication constitutive des organisations : émergence et innovations

Edited by Dany Baillargeon, Nicolas Bencherki and Geneviève Boivin

For over two decades researchers in organizational communication have been suggesting that it is communication that creates organizational reality. Brought together under the title of the "Constitutive Communication of Organizations" (CCO), a label that became specific in the early 2000s, these approaches have gained in reputation beyond the world of organizational communication and have entered other disciplines, such as management, law, information technology, psychology and sociology. After more than 20 years emerging and developing, what points can be made about the routes taken and the new paths as well as the dead-ends, the failures and the abandoned attempts? This thematic issue examines these questions from four points of view. First, the authors highlight the paths taken and then the new avenues open to CCO approaches. New organizational forms which test these approaches as well as the new methods and the new themes are the third focus. Finally, this issue examines some of the challenges and stakes to be identified for future research. This edition of Communication & Organisation is thus attempting to explore current CCO research being carried on outside English-speaking networks but it is also aiming to open the door to promising enhancements for the field of organizational communication.

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