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For more than twenty years, Communication & organisation, a journal published by the MICA research centre (EA 4426 Université Bordeaux Montaigne), has been actively taking part in the structuration and dynamism of the organisational communication research field in France and abroad. Recognized as qualifying journal by CNU 71 and HCERES, the printed edition is published by the Presses Universitaires de Bordeaux. The review offers two thematic issues per year, as well as off- survey columns.

Latest issue
61 | 2022
L’intervention en organisation : quels enjeux pour la communication organisationnelle ?

Organizational intervention: what are the challenges for organizational communication?
Edited by Patrice de La Broise, Gardère Elizabeth and François Lambotte

If to intervene is to take part in an action, how can we actually take part in organizational communication? In what capacity and for what purpose(s)? Between action-research and intervention-research, the boundary appears to be relatively fine, as action-research is unique in that it does not only aim at "acting", but also at "transforming". Our objective, in this issue, is to open the debate on the modes of intervention and their effects on the production of scientific knowledge, on the position of the researcher and on the way in which the information and communication sciences can claim to "intervene" in organizations without abandoning criticism as a condition for the accomplishment of the research. In spite of the diversity of research conducted in organizational communication, paradoxically the researcher's contribution to the organization is little questioned from the point of view of intervention. However, it is precisely the nature of this contribution that is the focus of our attention here. The status and the role of the contributor are to be specified, knowing that the figures of the expert or the consultant are not the same as those of the researcher. Between the scientific pole and the praxeological pole, how can the production of knowledge deal with a "demand" or an "order" for which the resolution of a problem constitutes the primary teleological aim? And what place should be given to research in a profusion of "problems" often reduced to the temporalities and expectations of the study?

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