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About Communiquer

Communiquer (Social and Public Communication Journal) publishes texts that can help a better understanding of communication phenomena involving human beings.

It aims to contribute to the international influence and institutionalization of knowledge produced by francophone research in social and public communication. Following this goal, in 2015, Communiquer has transferred all its editorial contents on

Communiqueris intended for international researchers and practitioners with research interest covered by the journal. It is open to contributions from people from various backgrounds whose research issues address one or many of the journal’s fields of interest.

Editorial Policy

Communiquer publishes texts that can help bring a better understanding of communication phenomena involving human beings. Organizational communication, intercultural and international communication, interpersonal and group communication, marketing and publicity communication, political communication, as well as health, environment, technology, scientific, public relations and human communication as a whole constitute its fields of interests.

As it is a scientific journal, every text is submitted to a peer review committee. Essays are evaluated upon their contribution to communication theory.

The submitted articles are expected to offer theoretical reflections based on empirical and observation thus contribute to the renewing of research avenues and practices. Theoretical essays and litterature reviews may be accepted as long as their contribution to the progress of knowledge and the development of research is demonstrated.

Communiquer is specifically interested in short texts that clearly state their contributions to existing scientific litterature. The writing style and formulations must be clear and well articulate.

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