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Communiquer contributes to a better understanding of communication phenomena involving human beings. Organizational communication, intercultural and international communication, interpersonal and group communication, marketing and publicity communication, political communication, as well as health, environment, technology, scientific and public relations as a whole constitute its fields of interests.

Latest issue
20 | 2017
L’hégémonie à l’ère du tout numérique

Hegemony in the digital Era

This special issue of Communiqueris an extension of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) 2015 annual conference, held in Montreal. That year, the general thematic regarded the confusing relationship between hegemony, resistance and communication. As a reflexive extent, through texts from renowned academics, this issue has more specifically striven to demonstrate that the notion of hegemony offers relevant keys to understand the processes at work in a changing cultural and media environment.

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