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Guidelines for article submission

General indications

Configurações: Journal of Social Sciences issues unpublished academic papers, in the form of articles and book reviews, which contribute to enrich the scientific knowledge about social reality at national and international levels. The aim is to balance the publication of works by senior researchers with the dissemination of works by young scholars, which present quality and originality.

The journal's editorial orientation is based on a permanently open call for contributions and on thematic dossiers under the coordination of researchers from the Interdisciplinary Center for Social Sciences. The aim is to safeguard the journal's identity, anchored in relevant themes in the Social Sciences area, especially Sociology, and to ensure the publication's timeliness, allowing its indexation in recognized and broad international bibliographic bases of the scientific community.

The texts submitted for publication will undergo an initial screening by the Editorial Team that will decide on their relevance to the scientific scope of the journal. Following international criteria of excellence, the papers proposed for publication are subject to independent evaluation by specialists on an anonymous basis - double-blind peer review. Based on the evaluations issued, the Editorial Team may suggest the authors to review the texts.

The Editorial Team reserves the right not to publish the papers received, and the decision is communicated in writing to the authors.

The texts may be published in Portuguese, Spanish, French and English.

The texts submitted for publication must conform to the following standards:

1. All texts must be accompanied by the identification of the author(s), their institutional affiliation, e-mail address(es) and ORCID ID(s). Immediately following the title of the article, the author's name should appear in capital letters, size 10, type Times New Roman. In the line below, designate the reference institution and, in another line, the email. In case of more authors, proceed in the same way. All left aligned.

2. The texts should not exceed, in total and except for abstracts, 40,000 characters, including spaces.

3. Each article must be accompanied by three abstracts, with their translated titles (in Portuguese, English and French), recorded in an autonomous file, with a maximum of 750 characters (including spaces) per abstract. The abstract in Portuguese should be part of the main file (body of the article).

4. Files should be submitted in Word format, body size 11, leading 1.15, with paragraph tabs, to the following email address:

5. All quotes should be translated.

6. All originals must:

a) contain the final version of the text, ready for publication, properly reviewed to avoid errors;

b) come with a title (bold, size 12, left-aligned, no period);

c) contain the indication of 4 or 5 keywords, indicated after the summary and in the three languages indicated.

7. When composing and formatting texts, the following guidelines must be taken into account:

a) The use of a maximum of two levels of titration (size 11, Times New Roman type, bold, left-aligned), unnumbered in the Introduction and Conclusion cases and Arabic numbered for the body of the text;

b) the transcripts should open and close with quotation marks when they do not exceed 4 lines. In the case of longer quotations, these should be notched and transcribed without quotation marks;

c) words in languages other than Portuguese must be formatted in italics;

d) non-textual elements shall be organized in tables, graphs or figures, identified with continuous Arabic numbering for each of these types of elements. In addition to being integrated into the body of the text, they must be sent as an attachment in PNG or JPG format, at least 300 dpi;

e) In note calls, which should be placed in the footer, only numbers without parentheses should be used.

g) Bibliographic references should be indicated in parentheses in the body of the text, according to the following standard: (Rodrigues, 1993: 103); (Costa and Almeida, 1991: 80-84); (Greenwood, 1997a); (Greenwood, 1997b).

The end of the article should include the list of works cited, as follows:

- LAST NAME, first name (year), book title, place of publication, publisher.

- LAST NAME, first name (year), “Title of the article”, Title of the magazine, volume (number), first and last page number.

- LAST NAME, First Name (Year), “Article / Chapter Title”, in First Name and Last Name (org.), Collection title, place of publication, publisher, first and last page number.

- Internet document: LAST NAME, first name (year), Title of document [online], available at: address [consulted on: date].

- Internet sites and personal or institution pages: Name [online], available at: address [consulted on: date].

- Internet journal publications: LAST NAME, first name (year), “Article Title”, Journal Title, volume (number), first and last page number [Online], available at: address [consulted on: date].


By accepting the publication in Journal Configurações, both in its print and electronic editions, the authors assign all rights to the material published to the Interdisciplinary Center of Social Sciences-Polo U. Minho, the magazine's publisher and responsible for its dissemination and commercialization in any format and judged and adequate support for the promotion of scientific culture, always ensuring that authorship is properly mentioned and respected. The articles’ content is the responsibility of the authors.


The journal Configurações is published every six months, with the numbers published in June and December. Proposals may be sent at any time.

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