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54 | été 2004
Approches critiques de la sécurité

Une perspective canadienne
Critical approaches to security. A Canadian Perspective
Edited by Alex Macleod
couverture n°54
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Credits: Hervé Lewandowski
190 pages-18€
ISBN 2-7475-7301-X

Given the post-September 11th discourse on the necessity of the “war against terrorism’, it is urgent that critical approaches are developed to combat this one-way street, in which security is reduced to only its military dimensions. This new issue of the journal Cultures & Conflits proposes to open up other perspectives, such as those of the environment or of gender. In positioning the issue within the field of theories of international relations, the authors of this issue move the focus onto the research currently being carried out, with varying and/or new perspectives. They feed debates beyond existing and imposed boundaries. Produced by a team led by Professor Macleod from the University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM), and the result of intense transatlantic exchanges, this issue also wishes to make a contribution to theoretical debates about the role, normative claims, place, and pertinence of classical internationalist approaches, through the use of constructive criticism and a neo-gramscian approach.

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