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Presentation of "Regards sur l'entre-deux"

09 février 2009


Since 2005, this section wants to explore the “space in between” arts and politics in a way different to the articles in each of our monographical issues. We want to open our considerations to the work and the opinion of artists, writers, painters, musicians and other interlocutors, the choice for artists not being exclusive. The only requirement are common concerns, independently from the way they are expressed.

Rather than commenting on a work or an opinion, we want to present, to make you read or watch something, listen to somebody. That is a major choice that also determines the way texts in our section –both in our electronic and our paper edition– are published. Indeed, those texts tend to be in the form of presentations, and not mere articles.

Nevertheless, the editorial policy of “regards sur l’entre-deux” is not fundamentally different from the review’s. The presentations in this section are not only a mere “appendage” to but in line with the dissussions lead since 1990 by the whole Cultures & Conflits team.

We invite the people wanting to submitt a presentation proposal to read the « Regards sur l’entre-deux : charte de la rubrique » and to refer to the document « Regards sur l’entre-deux : appel à contributions », which explains the procedure of presentation and evaluation of the said presentations.