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101. Marges urbaines et résistances citadines

Urban Margins and Resistances of City-Dwellers
printemps 2016

Couverture C&C 101
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212 pages - 22,50€
ISBN 978-2-343-09459-5

In a context of globalization and neo-liberal urbanization, city-dwellers often feel that they have little control over decisions which directly concern them and impact their daily lives. However, far from being passive or anomic, they use strategies of space appropriation, of territorial defense, of opposition and of bypassing—all of which are more or less visible, discrete, and ephemeral. In this special edition, we suggest that such ordinary acts emanating from “subalterns” can be qualified as forms of resistance as long as they refute, neglect, adapt, or contest the rules of the game established by dominant actors. Taking into account a diverse array of actors and contexts, this issue of Cultures & Conflicts proposes an analysis of resistances situated both at the margins of the city and at the margins of society. The city is not just a backdrop of resistance; the very space in which conflicts are deployed, the city itself is both a battleground and what is at stake. Lastly, the contributions brought together here engage directly in debates on the subversive and disobedient nature of such ordinary acts of resistance.

Editor's notes

Ont participé à ce numéro : Colombe Camus, Konstantinos Delimitsos, Rémi Guittet,  David Grondin, Gregory Salle, Amandine Scherrer, Anastassia Tsoukala, Elvis Potier, Nader Vahabi


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