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102. Questions de méthodes

Savoir-faire des études critiques de sécurité
Methodological Issues: How to Do Critical Security Studies
été 2016

Couverture C&C 102
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200 pages - 21,50€
ISBN 978-2-343-10075-3

Critical security studies has not escaped from the renewed interest in methodology which has swept across International Relations and, more generally, the social sciences in recent years. Yet, is there a particular methodological approach which meets the critical imperative of this field of study? This special issue of Cultures & Conflits aims to open up a dialogue on methodological practices as they are put to the test and “methodological bricolage” as a source, obstacle, and space for the development of a refined, insured, and engaged critique within security studies.

Editor's notes

Ont participé à ce numéro : Jawad Bouadjadja, Colombe Camus, Karine Côté-Boucher, Barbara Delcourt, Konstantinos (Costa) Delimitsos, Jérôme Tournadre, Anastassia Tsoukala, Jérôme Valluy