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114-115. Les mondes du renseignement entre légitimation et contestation

The Worlds of Intelligence: Between Legitimization and Contestation
été/automne 2019

Couverture C&C 114-115
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308 pages - 32€
ISBN 978-2-343-19249-9

The sequential ordering of revelations about the practices of intelligence agencies (including the most recent revelations of Edward Snowden) and the scandals that sometimes accompany them, followed by legal regulations or new policies allowing them to continue, most often without substantial changes, appear with astonishing regularity across time and space. This suggests that internal and external intelligence activities are an essential dimension in the governing of complex societies but must nevertheless periodically re-legitimate themselves, notably when they fall under public scrutiny. And it is precisely these instances of public contestation that provide a useful entry into understanding process of legitimization that typically remain in the realm of the implicit. Combining empirically grounded historical and contemporary studies on intelligence activities in France, Switzerland, Canada, and the United States, this Culture & Conflits double issue aims to shed light on little known aspects of how social and political order function in democratic contexts.

Editor's notes

Numéro sous la responsabilité scientifique de : Laurent Bonelli, Hervé Rayner et Bernard Voutat

Ont participé à ce numéro : Monique J. Beerli, Colombe Camus, Costa (Konstantinos) Delimitsos, Francesco Ragazzi, Anastassia Tsoukala, Elwis Potier, Gregory Salle, Amandine Scherrer, Eric Soriano, Nader Vahabi


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