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66. Construire le voisin. Pratiques européennes

Politique de voisinage de l'Union européenne
Constructing the Neighbour. European Practices
été 2007
Edited by Thierry Balzacq

Couverture du numéro 66
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202 pages - 18,5 €
ISBN 978-2-296-03458-7

Launched in 2004, the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) has become one of the main dimensions of the external relations of the European Union. Never had a foreign policy initiative provoked such an enthusiasm at the community level. For the first time, the Union has indeed proposed a comprehensive policy to its neighbours, articulating commercial interactions on the one hand, social and cultural relations on the other.
The articles in this issue, based on thorough analyses of the relevant texts as well as on field studies, unveil the other projects, dynamics and consequences underlying the European Neighbourhood Policy.
Indeed, far from being defined with the neighbours, the European Neighbourhood Policy seems to impose the cognitive and normative frameworks of the Union upon the latter. Is this policy not furthering hegemony in the guise of good neighbourhood relations? When invoking economic inclusion, is the EU not fuelling the institutional and political exclusion of the neighbouring states? When dealing with borders, is it not a yet largely indeterminate form of identity politics that is being articulated? The construction of the neighbour underlying this European policy has in fact less in common with the equal partnership that is announced than with a form of ambiguous and implicit tutelage.