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44. Défense et identités : un contexte sécuritaire global ?

Defence and identities : a global securitarian context ?
hiver 2001
Edited by Didier Bigo

Couverture du numéro 44
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172 pages - 18,3 €
ISBN 2-7475-2227-X

We don't know anything, or at least not much, about the authors of the attacks of September 11th. The ever-flowing stream of repetitive information, often taken out of context, benefits propaganda as well as the most diverse rumours. Thus, even if it is currently impossible to write a serious history of the clandestine actors involved and of their covert strategies, and even if it is impossible to make sense of the multiple propagandas at work, there is still one pole of the « terrorist relation » that can be analysed more easily from the perspective of the political sciences. This pole is constituted by the reactions of the political actors and the elaboration of anti-terrorist policies. How are the attacks made sense of, rationalised, articulated and narrated by politicians and diverse security professionals ? In what context are the latter developing their responses ? How are anti-terrorist policies developed at a time when they are thought to be global in scope ? How are the choice of a military response and the rhetoric of the threat to democratic identities articulated ? These are the questions that this issue tries to answer.