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43 | automne 2001
Construire l'ennemi intérieur

Building the internal enemy
Edited by Ayse Ceyhan and Gabriel Périès
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Credits: Tract des services d'action psychologique (armée française).
190 pages - 16,8 €
ISBN 2-7475-1118-9

The revolutionary, the heretic, the convert, the terrorist, the communist, the freemason, the Jew, the immigrant, the spy, the fifth column...the different faces of the enemy from within are numerous. What is the internal enemy if not a discursive construction, a product of different historical, socio-political and geographical contexts ? Its representation is a powerful instrument particularly suited for times of crisis. It both conceals and legitimises political practices. What are its underlying modes of construction and of enunciation, what are its functions ? Behind the processes of designation and of labellization of the eternally infiltrated enemy, what is at stake is how to control and to discipline. But who ? And to defend what ?

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