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113. L'état d'urgence en permanence (2)

A permanent state of emergency (2)
printemps 2019
Cultures & Conflits
138 pages - 16,50 €
ISBN 978-2-343-18320-6

The declaration of a state of emergency in the hours that followed the November 2015 Paris and its successive extension until November 1, 2017 constitute a privileged terrain from which to deepen reflection on how power functions in liberal democracies. This episode is not as unique or exceptional as some would like to believe. On the contrary, the resort to a state of emergency, in one form or another, occurs rather frequently in countries characterized by different political regimes across time. Yet, the notion of a state of emergency as a mode of governing should not be confused with the concept of a state of exception which almost automatically push democracies towards other types of political regimes, such as what are referred to as authoritarianism, totalitarianism, and illiberal democracy. Instead, we propose to think about emergency as a series of techniques of government that connects mechanisms of suspicion and anticipation alongside the “administrativization” of legal instruments. In doing so, we are able to draw up an inventory of a state of emergency’s practical modalities, of its legal, political, and social rationalities whilst reconstructing its history.   Thus, the aim of this Cultures & Conflits special issue –in the wake of the previous edition– is to give the state of emergency, as a scholarly object, the attention that it deserves. Bringing together legal experts, political scientists, and historians, this issue unites diverse temporal and spatial perspectives on dispositives used to tackle social unrest, political violence, and even natural disasters.


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