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Since 1990, the quarterly political science journal Cultures & Conflicts has been co-published by the CECLS and L'Harmattan. The journal aims to analyse the different expressions of conflictuality. It opens its columns, in French but also sometimes in English or Spanish, to political scientists but also to sociologists, anthropologists, historians, geographers specialised in particular areas, by privileging the analysis of the relations between phenomena often arbitrarily divided. 

Latest issue
121 | Printemps 2021
Les morts encombrants

Du gouvernement politique des cadavres
The Troublesome Dead. The Political Government of Dead Bodies

This special issue brings together five case studies to analyze the political treatment of dead bodies deemed “problematic”, due to their number or the conditions of their demise. They may be the bodies of victims of mass crimes, of terrorists killed in the course of their attacks, or bodies buried in graves that may be either hidden or exposed, according to their nationality. They have in common that they pose a problem for nation-state authorities, who cannot easily deal with such bodies: some may be absent, untraceable or poorly identified; others, on the contrary, are present but are ‘unwanted’ to the point that they are denied a grave or may only receive a discreet one. The different contributions gathered here describe the collective politicization of these problematic corpses – but above all, they show its limits: because these bodies have been considered as “vile”, their treatment never becomes the issue of a major controversy.

Editor’s notes

Ont participé à ce numéro : Tugba Basaran, Costa (Konstantinos) Delimitsos, Colombe Camus, Anastassia Tsoukala

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