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108. Terrains économiques

Savoirs, Acteurs, Méthodes
Economic Terrains. Knowledges, Actors, Methods
hiver 2017
Cultures & Conflits
168 pages – 19 €
ISBN 978-2-343-14601-0

This special issue of Cultures & Conflits departs from a simple observation: despite the multiple works that are framed as or situated in relation to the postulates of International Political Sociology (IPS)—most prolific on the topics of migration, borders, refugees, and security, there is little scholarship dealing with economic processes and “objects.” Here, our understanding of the economic includes that which is produced and circulates within the economic sphere as well as the broader sense of the term as defined by Max Weber. These themes evidently appear in International Political Economy (IPE) literature, even though such approaches remain relatively underdeveloped in France due to disciplinary divisions between economy on the one hand, and political science and sociology on the other. More or less explicit in each article, the objective of this special issue to shift the way that IPE topics are commonly regarded by subjecting them to methods and lines of inquiry that run through IPS.


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