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Since 1990, the quarterly political science journal Cultures & Conflicts has been co-published by the CECLS and L’Harmattan. The journal aims to analyse the different expressions of conflictuality. It opens its columns, in French but also sometimes in English or Spanish, to political scientists but also to sociologists, anthropologists, historians, geographers specialised in particular areas, by privileging the analysis of the relations between phenomena often arbitrarily divided. 

Latest issue
123-124 | Automne-hiver 2021
Guerre et contre-terrorisme

War and Counterterrorism

Entitled “War and Counterterrorism,” this special issue begins with an article on the relationship between external military interventions and the forms of political violence that can strike states on their own territory. Though senior government officials often make a clear distinction between the former and the latter, many armed activists and those who support them argue that their actions are in “self-defense” against operations that target them. The aim here is not to decide between these two regimes of justification but to analyze relations between the various protagonists, both through fine-grained fieldwork and quantitative approaches. This reflection is followed by a series of texts recapitulating debates on contemporary conflictuality and contributions made in Cultures & Conflits, in celebration of its 30th anniversary. The issue closes with a text on the imaginary of nuclear war in visual popular culture, untangling the paradoxical omnipresence of nuclear weapons in the military strategies of states that have them despite the end of bipolarity.

Editor’s notes

Ont participé à ce numéro : Yves Buchet de Neuilly, Monique J. Beerli, Clément Beunas, Fabien Carrié, Costa (Konstantinos) Delimitsos, Agathe Fautras, Laura Monfleur, Alexandre Rios-Bordes, Corentin Sire, Piero Tellerías


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