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117. Le sens de L’action. Conflits de cadrages et interactions stratégiques

The Meaning of Action. Framing Disputes and Strategic Interactions
printemps 2020
Cultures & Conflits
140 pages - 16,50€
ISBN 978-2-343-20737-7

Social movements, conflicts, economic and political crises, environmental transformations, technological shifts and the concrete effects they generate are hardly ever untouched by modalities and frames of interpretation. To attribute meaning to things and to find the words or categories to communicate about them is a decisive battle, in which social actors are unequally armed to impose the most legitimate definition of a given situation. The stakes are thus high as competing framings of reality determine an actor’s chances of success, leading them to adapt or constrain their strategies of action or, if necessary, remodel their identities and subjectivities. In their own way and through various objects, contexts, and points of observation, each of the articles brought together in this issue of Cultures & Conflits offer new insights on questions of meaning and interpretation.


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