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2000/1, 1 | 2000

  • F. Burette, T. Jay and S. Laroche
    Synaptic Depression of the Hyppocampal to Prefrontal Cortex Pathway during a Spatial Working Memory Task
  • T. Ripoll, L. Bourrelly, F. Antoni and A. Pélissier
    The Role of Pragmatic Constraints in the Processing of Analogous Cross-Mapping Situations
  • S. Pacton and M. Fayol
    The Impact of Phonological Cues on Children's Judgements of Nonwords: The case of Double Letters
  • F. Colette, M. Van der Linden and E. Salmon
    Relationships between Cognitive Performance and Cerebral Metabolism in Alzheimer's Disease
  • C.I. Baker, C. Keizers, T. Jellema, B. Wicker and D.I. Perrett
    Coding of Spatial Position in the Superior Sulcus of the Macaque
  • N. George, B. Jemel, N. Fiori and B. Renault
    Holistic and Part-Based Face Representations: Evidence from the Memory Span on the « Face Superiority Effect »
  • S.F. te Pas, B.J. Rogers and T. Ledgeway
    Curvature Contrast in Stereoscopically-Defined Surfaces
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