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2002/1, 7

  • A. Charles and F. Knap
    Aging and Repetition Errors: Can the Automatic Influence of Familiarity be Controlled ?
  • H.C. Nuerk, U. Weger and K. Willmes
    A Unit-Decade Compatibility Effect in German Number Words
  • A. Streri
    Hand Preference in 4-Month-Old Infants: Global or Local Processing of Objects in the Haptic Mode
  • P. Bonin and A. Méot
    Do Identical Priming and Word Frequency Truly Interact in Picture Naming When a Neutral Baseline is Used?
  • J.-Y. Baudouin, S. Sansone and G. Tiberghien
    Visual Masking Effect of Familiarity on Facial Expression Processing
  • K. Dieussaert, W. Schaeken and G. D'Ydevalle
    The Impact of the Nature of Disabling Conditions on the Reasoning Process
  • C. Bastin and T. Meulemans
    Are Time-Based and Event-Based Prospective Memory Affected by Normal Aging in the Same Way?
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