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2001/1, 4

  • M. Bucciarelli et P. N. Johnson-Laird
    Falsification and the Role of the Theory of Mind in the Reduced Array Selection Task
  • S. Majerus, M. Van der Linden et C. Renard
    Short-term Memory and Language Processing: Further Evidence for the Existence of Separate Phonological and Semantic Short-term Memory Components
  • P. Lemaire, M. Lecacheur et M. Ferréol-Barbey
    Strategy Use in Currency Conversion Tasks: The Examples of Euro into French Franc and French Franc into Euro Conversions
  • R.J. Itier, J. Provasi et H. Bloch
    Integration of the Property of Weight into Infant's Manipulation
  • A. Piolat, R.T. Kellog et F. Farioli
    The Triple Task for Studying Writing Processes: On Which Task is Attention Focused?
  • P. Chambres, D. Bonin et K. Grenier
    Indirect and Subliminal "Mere Exposure" Effect: Implicit Aspect of Attitude Formation
  • J.-L. Beauvois et N. Dubois
    Target Behaviours and Target-Directed Behaviours as Recall Cues in Person Memory
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