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2001/3, 6

  • A. Aleman et E. de Haan
    Do People with Better Mental Imagery Ability Make More Reality Monitoring Errors?
  • N. Bonneton et D. Mellier
    The Isochronic Component of Pointing Movement in Children Aged from 26 to 40 Months.
  • F. Bonthoux et C. Berger
    Role of Perceptual and Non Perceptual Properties in 5 Year-Old's Categorization: Instructions Based on Objects or on Objects Properties
  • V. Vanderaspoilen et J. Morais.
    Memory Aging in University Professors
  • N. Verschueren, W. Schroyens, W. Schaeken et G. D'Ydewalle
    Why Do Participants Draw Non-Valid Inferences in Conditional Reasoning?
  • S. Watanabe et H.J. Bischof
    Spatial Learning in Song Bird: The Zebra Finch
  • M. Izaute et P. Bonin
    Proper Name Retrieval in Written Face Naming: Exploration with the Interference Paradigm
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