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2002/2, 8

  • S. Montoya, G. Denhière et T. Baccino
    Resolving Pronominal Ambiguity: Role of Contextual Constraints.
  • M. Bensafi, C. Rouby et A. Holley
    Do Primacy, Recency and Experimental Amnesia also Exist for Odor Names
  • F. Zenasni et T. Lubart
    Effects of Mood States on Creativity
  • M.-P. Cousin, P. Largy et M. Fayol
    Sometimes Eearly Learned Instances Interfere with the Implementation of Rules: The Case of Nominal Number Agreement
  • N. Bedouin et P. Dissard
    Sonority and Syllabic Structure in Reading: Difference Between French and English Readers
  • S. Ransdell et B. Lavelle
    Quality Measurement: A comparison of two Methods of Assessment
  • M. Tomonaga
    Attentional Capture in the Chimpanzee (Pan Rroglodites): Distractor of a Singleton on Visual Search Performances
  • S. Mathey et D. Zagar
    Similarity in Visual Word Recognition: The Effect of Syllabic Neighborood in French
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