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2001/2, 5 | 2001

  • L. Ferrand
    Grammatical Gender is also on the Tip of French Tongues
  • J. K. Kaakinen, J. Hyönä et J. M. Keenan
    Individual Differences in Perspective Effects on Text Memory
  • V. Ferrari, E. Marmèche et A. Didierjean
    Problem Similarity Effects in Case-Based and Schema-Based Knowledge Activation
  • O. Houdé, N. Angard, B. Pillon et B. Dubois
    A New Window on Child Prefrontal Functions: Inhibition of a Non-Strategic Alternation-Pointing Scheme
  • H. Sauzéon, B. N'Kaoua et B. Claverie
    The Effect of self-Generated Category Cues on Organizational Processing in the Recall Performance of Young, Middle-Old and Old Adults.
  • S. de Rammelaere et A. Vandierendonck
    Are Executive Processes Used to Solve Simple Arithmetic Production Tasks
  • G. Molina et J.-M. Fabre
    Conflict between two Dichotomies: Dichotomization of Stimuli and Judgements
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