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2000/2, 2 | 2000

  • S. Nicolas and C. Leroux-Ziegler
    Why is it so Difficult to Find Priming Effects for Target Words Embedded in Coherent Texts
  • H.C. Nuerk, A. Rey, R. Graf and A. M. Jacobs
    Phonographic Sublexical Units in Visual Word Recognition
  • C. Done and K.R. Coventry
    Transfer of the Illusion of Control Between two Gambling Tasks
  • M. Hupet, A.-M. Schelstraete, L. Demanet and G. Pourtois
    A New Verbal Reconstruction Task to Assess the Integrative Function of Long-Term Working Memory
  • M. Perea and E. Rosa
    The Density Constraint Also Occurs With Unmasked, Visible Primes in the Lexical Decision Task
  • M. Zabalia
    The Role of Action in the Representation of Moving Shapes in Children With Cerebral Palsy
  • R. Lebib and P.-M. Baudonnière
    Vocal Imitation in 3-Month-Old Infants : What is the Releasing Stimulus ?
  • C.E. Van Den Heuvel and A.W.A. Van Gemmert
    Non Specific Motor Preparation During the Foreperiod and the Motor Action Limit
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