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2002/3, 9

  • M.-H. PLumet et A.-M. Melot
    Helping Young Children to Distinguish Appearance from Reality: The Role of Consecutive versus Simultaneous Dissociation of Representations
  • I. Urdapilletta et J.-M. Bernard
    Quasi-Implications in the Attribution of Verbal Descriptors of Sensory Attributes
  • R. P.C. Kessels et A. Postma
    Verbal Interference During Encoding and Maintenance of Spatial Information in Working Memory
  • C. Bellissens et G. Denhière
    Word Order or Environment Sharing? A Comparison of Two Semantic Memory Models
  • E. Gentaz et A. Streri
    Infants' Haptic Discrimination of Spatial Orientations
  • S. Schmid et T. Baccino
    Perspective Shift and Text Format: An Eye-Tracking Study
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