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Current Psychology Letters/Brain, Behaviour and Cognition turns electronic!

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1Starting with year 2003, our journal CPL/BBC will become freely available as an exclusively electronic journal. This is a significant step toward easy and universal access to the full-text content of our scientific publication. According to recent counts, (​) over 500 hundred refereed journals are now freely available online. In the field of scientific psychology, several journals are already available online, the most prominent of them being Psycoloquy (​).

2Such a change can only be positive for the visibility of our journal. A survey made by S. Lawrence (Nature, 2001, 6837, 521) has revealed that articles freely available online are 4.5 times more highly cited than usual papers.

3As was the case for the printed version of CPL/BBC, we will still be indexed in the Psycinfo database and in the near future we also expect to be indexed in the ISI (Current Content) database.

4Of course, nothing has been changed in the evaluation procedure of the manuscripts submitted to the journal (each manuscript will be reviewed by at least 2 experts). We expect that the electronic version will considerably speed up the delay between submission and publication. In addition, as soon as an article is accepted, it will be available on the Web.

5We invite all of our authors and past readers to submit their short articles to this new version of our journal for the sake of greater impact and faster scientific progress and above all, to make your research much more widely visible and easier to access and use.

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