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About the Journal

Les Cahiers philosophiques de Strasbourg

Founded by Jean-Luc Nancy and Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe in Strasbourg in 1994, Les Cahiers philosophiques de Strasbourg is closely linked to the CREPHAC (Centre de recherches en philosophie allemande et contemporaine – Center of research in German and contemporary philosophy). The journal mainly publishes articles in philosophy, with a significant emphasis on the history of German philosophy and its repercussions in contemporary philosophy. It aims to promote the connections between German and French linguistic and cultural spheres, thanks to Strasbourg, its base.

Since philosophy is an open-ended discipline by its very nature, the journal welcomes articles in other academic fields too. Aesthetics, Sociology, Classics, Theology and Religious Studies, Political Science among others find their place in the journal, so far as they engage with philosophical queries.

The journal, which is coordinated and run by members of the CREPHAC, welcomes edited issues of conference proceedings as well as unsolicited articles for blind peer-review by members of the editorial committee.

Editorial policy

Les Cahiers philosophiques de Strasbourg releases unpublished texts (or unpublished French translations of contributions published in other languages) that may nourish philosophical thinking in the history of philosophy as well as intervene in contemporary debates and interdisciplinary themes.

Though not exclusively dedicated to German philosophy, the journal favors contributions that engage with this tradition, its history, contemporary repercussions, and interaction with French philosophy or other linguistic and cultural domains.

The journal actively supports the work of early career scholars by giving them a platform to disseminate their research.

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