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Instructions to authors

The articles must not exceed 50,000 characters (spaces included), with notes and bibliography.

Reports must not exceed 10,000 characters (including spaces), notes, abstract and bibliography included.

Languages accepted: French, English.

Articles must be accompanied by:

  • A biobibliographical record between 5 to 10 lines (name and first name of the author (s), professional status/titles, possible institutional link, research themes, latest publications, e-mail address).

  • 2 abstracts respectively in French and English.

  • 5 key words in French and 5 in English.

1 / General rules

Italic: words in foreign languages in relation to the language used, therefore op. cit., Ibid., cf., a priori, a posteriori, etc.

No use of bold (with the exception of titles) nor capitals (with the exception of the beginning of proper names, institutions, capitals for titles in English, etc.).

2 / Body of the text

The text must be entered in the Word software, using Times New Roman, size 12, line spacing 1.5, without any special formatting, except titles, headings, captions and paragraph breaks.

3 / Quotations

Quotations of less than 3 lines will be inserted into the text and placed between quotation marks.

Quotes of more than five lines will be indented to the left and right, size 10 (not 12), and without quotation marks.

4 / References

The bibliographical references will be grouped according to author’s name alphabetical order at the end of the article in a section titled "Bibliography", according to the following model:

For a book: First name Last name, Title, City of publishing, Publishing house (Collection), year of publication, page.

For a collective work: First name Last Name and First name Last name of dir./coord./eds./etc., Title, City of publishing, Publishing house, year of publication, page, or First name Last name et al., Title, City of publishing, Publishing house, year of publication, page.

For a chapter of a collective work: First name, Last name, (dir./coord./eds./etc.), Title, City of publishing, Publishing house, year of publication, page.

For a journal article: First Name Last Name, "Article Title", Journal Title, Vol./N °, Date, City of publishing, Publishing house, year of Publication, page.

For electronic reference: First name Last name, “Title of article”, Journal title, vol./n°, date, [online] [url], accessed on [date].

5 / Illustrations, charts and tables

The photographs accompanying the text should be scanned in high definition (300 dpi) in Jpg or Tiff formats. Text files will be distinct from graphic files.

The author must verify that the images / figures of which he is not the author are free of rights.

Otherwise, he must apply to the owner of the image / figure before submitting it to the magazine.

Illustrations, charts and tables must be legendary in a specific way:

  • The title of the illustrations should be placed above the illustration.

  • The legend and credits (source, copyright, etc.) must be placed under the illustration on two separate lines.

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