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Editorial policy

Overview of the Bulletin

The Bulletin du Centre de Recherche du Château de Versailles is an electronic peer-reviewed journal published by the Centre de Recherche du Château de Versailles (CRCV), dedicated to publishing articles and studies on European court societies from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries.

The Bulletin publishes feature articles, studies, texts on methodological issues, translations of articles, primary sources accompanied by critical apparatus, and commentaries and analysis of historic and iconographic documents (including archives, manuscripts, maps and plans, prints, artworks), etc.

Published texts may originate from calls for papers, unsolicited submissions, or arise from the activities of the Centre du Recherche du Château de Versailles (including symposia and study days, multi-year programmes, seminars and workshops).

The Bulletin welcomes texts from postdoctoral and established researchers in all languages and from all disciplines (history, art history, museology, literature, economics, philosophy, politics, sociology, etc.) and institutions on the following themes:

  • models of the exercise of power;

  • the structure and functioning of curial institutions;

  • customs, attitudes and people;

  • the movement of people and ideas;

  • representations of power (portraits and court scenes);

  • palaces (architecture and urban planning, decor and furnishings, collections, etc.);

  • gardens (layouts, plants, hydraulic systems, etc.);

  • ceremonies, celebrations and performances.

Policy of the electronic publication

  • Access policy: Open access Freemium;

  • Exclusively electronic publication;

  • Frequency: continuous publication;

  • Embargo period: none;

  • Full articles are freely available in HTML; PDF versions are reserved for OpenEdition Freemium programme subscribers.

Staff and committees

The Bulletin du Centre de Recherche du Château de Versailles relies on an editorial committee, a reading committee made up of specialists external to the research centre, and an editorial secretariat.

See the composition of the Bulletin’s staff and committees.

Bulletin contents

“Symposia and study days” section

A selection of papers from symposia and study days organized or co-organized by the Centre de Recherche du Château de Versailles since 2002 are available on the Bulletin. Each publication functions as a journal issue and includes:

  • an overview text in French and in English;

  • the complete symposium or study-days programme;

  • the number of published papers (with a summary in French and English);

  • audio recordings of papers if available;

  • if applicable, the research programme related to the symposium or study days.

Papers from symposia and study days are generally published under the authority of one or more of the organizers.

“Miscellanea” section

This section publishes:

  • articles from thematic publication calls;

  • articles from unsolicited submissions;

  • articles from dissertations from Master I students in the “Versailles” research group at the École du Louvre, overseen by the Centre de Recherche du Château de Versailles. After dissertations are defended, the teaching team selects the best works to be published on the Bulletin under the dual editorship of the head of training and of the student’s scholarly supervisor. Depending on the subject, the dissertation may be published in full or in the form of a calibrated article, centred on a particular theme or axis.

Calls for papers

The editorial committee publishes:

  • a permanent call for papers;

  • calls for thematic papers related to the Centre de Recherche du Château de Versailles’s current research programmes.

Calls for papers are made on the site of the Bulletin in the section “Calls for Papers”, as well as on the site of the CRCV, the Carnet du Centre de Recherche, and on various national and international mailing lists (Calenda, the list of the Association des Historiens Modernistes des Universités Françaises – AHMUF, H-France, Enfilade, H-Soz-Kult, Clio-Online, the APAHAU blog, etc.).

Submission and evaluation procedures for articles

Each article submitted to the Bulletin, either unsolicited or in response to a call for papers, is examined by the CRCV editorial committee then, if successful, it is the object of two-fold expert examination by members of the Centre de Recherche du Château de Versailles’s editorial committee. If necessary, the latter may call on external experts.

To understand the process of submission and evaluation of articles, see the section “Submit an article”.


Once an article is accepted, the author signs a non-exclusive, royalty-free copyright assignment contract authorizing the Bulletin du CRCV to publish the article on its website. With this contract the author guarantees that the article is unpublished, with exception to excerpts taken from other works or illustrations, for which the reproduction authorizations have been obtained. The author also confirms that the text does not infringe any copyright, or the rights of any person, and that it does not contain any scandalous, defamatory or confidential material that may violate the law.

Citability and referencing

Each text published on the Bulletin receives an Internet address (url), unique and permanent, for use in scholarly works.

The OpenEdition/ portal uses additional standard formats, languages and protocols:

  • XML TEI;

  • Dublin Core for metadata;

  • RSS for syndication;

  • OAI-PMH protocol (Open Archives Initiative’s Protocol for Metadata Harvesting), metadata exchange protocol to facilitate the exchange of metadata between data and service providers (libraries, documentation centres, thematic portals, etc.);

  • Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for referencing digital resources.

As a member of, the Bulletin du CRCV is indexed by the major scholarly research engines including Google Scholar, Base, Ojose and OAIster. It is also listed by general bibliographic databases (see the Bulletin references on SUDOC, WorldCat and EZB), the major library database publishers (in Europe, the United States, etc.), directories of specialized links (Intute and Directory of Open Access Journals), and discipline-specific and thematic databases (ABC Clio for history).

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