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Monseigneur le Dauphin, fils de Louis XIV

Colloque - 24-25 mai 2013 - Meudon (Potager du Dauphin) et château de Versailles (salle de Marengo)
Monseigneur le Dauphin, son of Louis XIV. Symposium, 24-25 May 2013 - Meudon and Château de Versailles

Conference organized by the Centre de Recherche du Château de Versailles and the Cultural Activities Directorate of the city of Meudon.
Louis de France was the first child of Louis XIV and Maria-Theresa of Austria. His status as eldest son made him – according to the French monarchy’s rule of succession to the throne (male primogeniture) – the dauphin, and the king quickly awarded him the title “Monseigneur”. Destined to succeed his father, Monseigneur le Dauphin received a specific education and training, the most advanced possible, as Louis XIV wished.
Through two major themes (public life and private life) this conference plans to evoke the prince’s personality, his daily life, education and his place in the state. Born in November 1661 of a strongly consanguineous marriage (his parents were double first cousins), he would be the royal couple’s only child to reach adulthood. It is a question then of considering the figure himself, that is to say, as a future king, and not just as a simple dauphin, dead before he ruled, a “pale January sun” in the shadow of a great king.

See the full conference programme.

Five of the ten conference papers have been published on the Bulletin du Centre de recherche du château de Versailles under the supervision of Mathieu da Vinha. The texts were published online in 2014.

Claude Vigoureux’s paper “Mlle de Choin, la Maintenon du Grand Dauphin” was published in number 11 of the magazine Château de Versailles (Oct.-Nov.-Dec. 2013).

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