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About the journal

The Cahiers de la recherche sur les droits fondamentaux is an indexed review of the Agence d’évaluation de la recherche et de l’enseignement supérieur (AERES). Currently under the leadership of Professors Eleonora Bottini and Jean-Manuel Larralde, the Cahiers first issue appeared in 2002 and has one issue per year.

The review is published by the Caen University Press (Presses universitaires de Caen), but it is widely open to contributions authored by scholars not affiliated with Caen University as well as those from non-public law scholars (history, political science, sociology, economics, medical science…). The issues published since 2002 exhibit thematic variety (urban law and fundamental rights, the duty to give reasons for administrative action…) and attention to notable legal developments (the centennial of the 1905 Act on separation of state and religion, marriage equality, psychiatric care reform…).

The Cahiers de la recherche sur les droits fondamentaux is also a publication outlet for PhD students and recent PhD graduates of Caen Institute of Legal Research (Insti­tut caennais de recherche juridique – ICREJ). These young scholars are regularly called upon to contribute to the main theme and to submit original proposals under the “Variétés” (Miscellany) rubric.

Each issue of the Cahiers de la recherche sur les droits fondamentaux also includes several chronicles written by contributors from ICREJ and Normandy graduate law school (école doctorale Droit-Normandie): French constitutional case-law, Interamerican Court of Human Rights case-law, European Court of Human Rights prisons-related case-law, immigration case-law, and digital rights.

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