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Art squaring up to history ?

Laurence Bertrand-Dorléac
Traduction de Simon Pleasance
p. 24-26
Cet article est une traduction de :
L’Art face à l’histoire ?

Texte intégral

1These wretched times, when we have to explain ourselves for working in the sphere of art and history, would seem to be drawing to a close with recent events involving literature and museums. What is being produced does not, however, settle the pivotal question: will art history, all unawares of Michelet and Lucien Febvre, not spare us the exclusive return to a history that is a battleground, and to the simplistic issue of art artists squaring up to events -challenged, in otherwise words, by commitment? […]

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Laurence Bertrand-Dorléac, « Art squaring up to history ? », Critique d’art, 9 | 1997, 24-26.

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Laurence Bertrand-Dorléac, « Art squaring up to history ? », Critique d’art [En ligne], 9 | Printemps 1997, mis en ligne le 07 juillet 2023, consulté le 19 juin 2024. URL : ; DOI :

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