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CRITIQUE D’ART has had the mission, since 1993, of evaluating what is thought and what is written about today’s art. While conserving accounts of what is written on a daily basis on the subject of contemporary art, CRITIQUE D’ART enables its readers to have an idea of what the production of literature on the art of the 20th and 21st centuries is like. Current developments in French language and international critical writing on contemporary art.

  • Semi-annual publication

  • Almost 200 pages in the printed version + all the reviews on line

  • The main articles are published in English

  • Printed version and on-line magazine available at

Created in 1993, CRITIQUE D’ART is the result of the collaboration between the Archives de la critique d'art and specialized editors. The magazine is both a tool for research on art of the 20th and 21st centuries and a reading guide.

Starting with issue no.40 (Autumn 2012), CRITIQUE D’ART magazine is changing formats and separating into two parts with:

  • New graphics and easier reading

  • Illustrated special issues featuring original documents

  • More complete page numbering

  • A fuller summary on recent developments in French language criticism

  • A new outlook toward international current developments in contemporary art writing

  • Translated texts for easier access to foreign texts and authors

  • On-line access to the entire bibliographical description of works and critical reviews of them exclusively on; that is:

  • The history of 9,000 works covered in the 39 issues of CRITIQUE D’ART (1st version, 1993-2012)

  • Semi-annual delivery of close to 700 works covered by contemporary art specialists (art critics, theoreticians, art historians, university professors and artists)

  • A reading guide for everyone and

  • A report on publishing on the art of the 20th and 21st centuries.

A new version for CRITIQUE D’ART starting with issue no.40

The evolution of the professional and documentary world, as well as the broadening of the influence of the Archives of art criticism producing major changes in the offer proposed by “CRITIQUE D’ART”. The on-line version and extension of its contents in a new printed version bring energy to and further develop its offer.

On-line offerings on contemporary art and art publications, while abundant, remain incomplete, not very critical and very variable in quality. For many, they are nevertheless essential. This is the reason for CRITIQUE D’ARTs reorganization in 2012, its new more complete format dissociating the Internet version and printed magazine with different contents.

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The creation if a new, high end international printed magazine

The makeover of the printed version of the magazine, with a totally new look and editorial organization includes works published in French and other languages. Only articles and publications of exceptional interest (30-40% of the titles selected semi-annually and referenced on the site are included.

With this new image in mind, CRITIQUE D’ART offers a promotion of the best French texts (60-70% of the magazine’s contents) with the objective of helping readers discover that much faster what is written in English, German or other languages.

CRITIQUE D’ART has taken its editorial committee to an international scale. It has a reading committee whose mission it is to guarantee the interest and quality of the articles proposed to a wider readership. These improvements will enable CRITIQUE D’ART to be included amongst magazines of reference on contemporary art by proposing a specific approach and respecting criteria for international classification of scientific productions, without renouncing its objective of reaching a wider contemporary art public. In order to do this, the Archives de la critique d’art draw on the critical and scientific network that they have developed since 1989 with the AICA (International association of art criticism) and with the universities that they host and that are associated with the enhanced standing of their collections or that they form each year in the context of an international doctoral workshop on criticism (2009 Paris and Rennes, 2010 Buenos Aires and La Plata, 2011 Madrid and Ciutad Real, 2012 Winchester and Liverpool…).

The development of the scientific contents of CRITIQUE D’ART and an opening up to the international level are the two indispensable driving forces for the evolution of the magazine and a better evaluation of thought and writing on contemporary art.

The evolution of the publication’s form confirms the skill and knowledge of the critical work that the Archives of art criticism have been developing for more than 20 years. The seminars, colloquia and research programs that they organize offer an intellectual context to which CRITIQUE D’ART magazine belongs.

A new design for the summary in the printed version

A dozen articles in the summary highlight the knowledge found in books and catalogues. They include extended articles, interviews and portraits of major authors of national and international art criticism. French articles are translated into English and texts written in other languages are translated into French in order to encourage the development of an international dynamic at the heart of the magazine.

The contents of an issue are organized around a theme taken from current developments and from programs being developed at the Archives de la critique d’art. The choice of articles demonstrates the specificity of the patrimonial work done at the Archives and helps acquaint readers with the collections. The aim is to exchange knowledge about one’s own collections with those of other international research centers in order to make scientific exploitation more dynamic and extend networks.

A text or excerpt from a major book may also be chosen from amongst a selection of essays of a very high quality which are no longer available in French. It is proposed translated into French and is introduced by a preface which explains its importance.

Finally, a section containing around fifteen reports collects together a selection of international titles. This section will be merely the visible part of the bibliographic and critical referencing of all of the works reviewed in

A reinforced editorial process

In order to reach its objectives, CRITIQUE D’ART has created an international scientific committee and put a reading committee into place. Its members are important figures in the art world, represented by a selection of essential and active members of the International Association of art criticism (AICA). In addition, other authors are included whose work, through its high quality, places them in the highest ranks of intellectual exchange and cross-border networks of authors.

A generous and participative tool for finding the major figures of art criticism

The monitoring of the production of criticism assured by CRITIQUE D’ART enables readers to follow the current activity of authors (art critics or theoreticians) through their contributions. By giving them the responsibility of reading works written by other contemporary authors, CRITIQUE D’ART hopes to intensify this intellectual exchange.

Training young authors in the practice of critical evaluation

Workgroups have been put into place around researchers or future professionals to write critical reviews on current books and catalogues. A bi-annual training course is proposed to universities and art schools for learning how to write critical commentary. This exercise is part of the ongoing professional springboard program that the magazine proposes to young authors.

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