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Submitting a review

Submitting a reader’s commentary

“CRITIQUE D’ART”publishes scientific articles and reviews on current publications on contemporary art, art criticism and art theory. It offers an international vision of art publishing of the 20th and 21st centuries through French language and international selections proposed on line and in a printed magazine. “CRITIQUE D’ART” publishes only original reviews and articles. All articles or reviews are submitted for examination by a reading committee which reserves the right to amend or refuse it. The general criteria for acceptation of contributions are varied: theoretical significance, expertise on the subject, quality of writing, etc. Only reviews on books and catalogues of exceptional interest, published in France and abroad are retained.

Publication procedures for a review on a book or a catalogue

“CRITIQUE D’ART” includes a heading called “reviews” which it would like to be lively and filled with contributions.

1.  These concern books, catalogues and creations of magazines of the current year.

Texts should be addressed by email to the Editorial Office ( in “Word” or “rtf” format.  First and last names, email addresses and occupation(s) of the author(s) must be accurately provided, as well as the name and address of the organization and/or laboratory to which he/she or they belong.

2. The magazine accepts only original and exclusive reviews. The maximum number of signs, including spaces, is 2,000. Any review exceeding this volume will not be considered. The editor reserves the right to rework and shorten the text. As is customary, the author will be notified before publication.

Reviews are accepted in any European language and will be translated into French at the time of their publication in the magazine.

Reviews must be submitted to the Editor in Times New Roman font size 11, single-spaced. There should always be a space before colons, question marks, exclamation points and semi-colons. Stressed words and foreign words should be in italics. Quotations are opened and closed by quotation marks like this: « » (the number of the applicable footnote follows the closing quotation mark). The period at the end of the citation comes before the closing quotation mark if the quote is a whole sentence. If the quote is included in a sentence of the text, the period comes after the closing quotation mark and before the final period. A quotation of more than three lines must be separated from the text and placed in an indented paragraph in italics (the footnote reference number comes at the end of the quote, before the final period). Note references are numbered in increasing order in the text and the notes are in footnote form.

All propositions, specifying the nature of the contribution must be submitted to:

Revue « CRITIQUE D’ART » – 4 allée Marie Berhaut – Bât. B – FR-35000 Rennes – France


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