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Vol. 43 | Design and Communication: Digital Challenges and Dilemmas

Full article submission deadline: November 13 2022

Editors: Daniel Brandão (CECS, Universidade do Minho, Portugal), Nuno Martins (ID+, Instituto Politécnico do Cávado e do Ave, Portugal) and Rachel Cooper (PETRAS, Lancaster University, United Kingdom)

The growing presence of digital technologies in citizens’ daily lives has resulted in a constant enhancement of the unexpected. Spontaneity and reactivity assume an increasingly prominent role in the communication universe, inevitably influencing social dynamics.

Faced with a highly mediated and mediatised world, communication has attained significant power. A dispersed power shared between different protagonists. A power that is not always identifiable and often tends to be more associated with rumour and crisis than with information and clarification. This power of communication, more and more horizontal, challenges established power bases.

What role can design play in this mediation of interpersonal and global communication?

In its most varied perspectives and disciplines, design can be an important contribution to the construction of more informed, enlightened and, consequently, fairer societies. Whether in a supervisory capacity, deconstructing and decoding graphic, photographic, animated representations and all kinds of narratives of high cosmetic-manipulative content; or in the proposal of models, prototypes or the most varied type of solutions that seek to contribute to an active citizenship and respond to the challenges and dilemmas of digital and contemporary societies. In fact, design is much more than a tool of mere aesthetic operation. It also has a relevant role in the organisation of information, in the construction of narratives and, consequently, in the suggestion of meanings.

This thematic volume of the journal Comunicação e Sociedade invites national and international academics and researchers from different areas of design, communication and digital technologies to share scientific work developed on emerging topics, such as:

  • sustainable and healthy design

  • inclusive, collaborative and participatory design

  • creativity, arts and design in education

  • identities, citizenship and social cohesion in design

  • design and communication for the mobility and the future of cities

  • challenges of digital interaction and communication

  • information design, data journalism and quality of information

  • responsible design: security, privacy, ethics and trust

  • design, equality and human rights

  • design for health and well-being

  • eating, dressing and breathing design

  • design, media arts and culture

  • expression and impression of audio-visual on digital communication

  • sound design: perception and performance in the real

  • frontiers and challenges of a technocentric design

  • conceptions and misconceptions of the virtual

Key dates

  • Full article submission deadline: November 13, 2022

  • Editor’s decision on full articles: January 8, 2023

  • Deadline for sending the full version and translated version: March 19, 2023

  • Publication date: June 2023


Articles can be submitted in English or Portuguese. After the peer review process, the authors of the selected articles should ensure translation of the respective article, and the editors shall have the final decision on publication of the article.

Edition and submission

Comunicação e Sociedade is a peer-reviewed journal that uses a double blind peer review process. After submission, each paper will be distributed to two reviewers, previously invited to evaluate it, in terms of its academic quality, originality and relevance to the objectives and scope of the theme chosen for the journal’s current issue.

Originals must be submitted via the journal's website ( If you are accessing Comunicação e Sociedade for the first time, you must register in order to submit your article (indications to register here).

The guidelines for authors can be consulted here.

For further information, please contact: comunicacaoesociedade[at]

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