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30 | 2017
Musées au prisme du genre

Museums as Seen Through Gender
Edited by Charlotte Foucher-Zarmanian and Arnaud Bertinet
Culture & Musées 30 | Musées au prisme du genre
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ISBN 978-2-330-09751-6

Museums, as institutions that contribute to the creation of cultural references and identities, perform an important political and social role. They collect, classify and exhibit symbolic representations and narratives through the careful selection of objects. These practices have not always been met with unanimity, despite their pretense of universalism and their desire to represent one and all. Thus, it is important to be aware of museums’ limitations, as well as their strong potential, being just as able to select, and thus exclude, as they are capable of assisting societal changes. Approaching this from the perspective of gender, this issue of Culture & Musées aims to examine the cultural and social construction of masculine and feminine identities, as well as the interrelation between the two, and various forms of expression of sexual and gender identities. The studies published in this issue express a variety of epistemological, methodological and thematic positions indicative of the vitality of a rapidly expanding research field.

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