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33 | 2019
La fabrique des patrimoines européens au XXIe siècle

The Making of European Heritage in the 21st Century
Edited by Isabelle Brianso and Françoise Rigat

Is European heritage a fantasy dreamed up by the institutions or an actual experience? This issue explores the forms and processes of qualification and making of a cultural heritage deemed polymorphic (landscapes, monuments, sites, artefacts, paths, routes, urban spaces and places of memory, etc.) in a variety of countries. Drawing on a joint analysis based on multiple case studies, the papers look at the symbolic operation related to the processes of naming heritage as such, their actual effects for actors involved but also their biases and the tensions they generate or that they can be the pretext for. The issues presents a variety of approaches and analytic tools allowing for the definition and the critical, comparative study of cultural heritage when associated with European values.

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