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35 | 2020
Musées et mondes numériques

Museums and digital worlds
Edited by Florence Andreacola

Digital culture today concerns all institutions and cuts across all social practices. It is the subject of enthusiastic speeches and urgent injunctions because it is synonymous with innovation, even a makeover for culture, including the museum field which has always shown interest in tools of modernity. However, this integration of digital technology in heritage institutions, sometimes at a forced pace, is not the only perspective to analyze the way in which its cultural content is today disseminated, mediated and appropriated. The goal of this journal issue is to reread three fundamentals of museum, which are the collection, the exhibition and the public, in view of digital culture, in a critical and reflective way. The contributions it gathers show how digital technology inside and outside the museum impacts its organization, its ways of mediation and its existence in the web ecosystem.

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