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25 | 2015
Écouter la musique ensemble

Ethnographies des écoutes musicales collectives
Listening to Music Together
Edited by Olivier Roueff and Anthony Pecqueux
Culture & Musées 25 | Écouter la musique ensemble
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ISBN 978-2-330-05182-2

This issue, edited by Olivier Roueff and Anthony Pecqueux (CNRS), contributes to the development of an ethnography of musical listening by questioning what has largely been left unexplored: what does it mean to listen to music in a group? Does sociable listening necessarily have to happen in a group setting, does it necessarily bring about the fulfilment of a collective, and, if so, how, in what ways, and to what extent?

The aim is not to reduce the collective nature of music to its sole creation, no more than to its reception, but to place it at the crossroads of audiences and practitioners, namely the shared act of listening. Through a number of rigorous ethnographic approaches, it is possible to extend this procedure to other practices, bearing in mind that culture is often experienced in a group, a departure from the still overwhelming image of the chance encounter of an isolated individual with a piece or work of art.

This issue hopes to shed light on and to reframe the ways in which cultural audiences and practitioners think about and represent their relationship with their own work and that of others.

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