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Until 2017 (issues 1 to 30), Culture & Musées was published by Actes Sud. Since then, the journal has been published on the open access academic platform OpenEdition via their Freemium program

In 2020, an agreement was signed with Ocim providing for the physical publication of all issues (starting from 31). Henceforth, Ocim acts as publisher of the journal, in charge of its circulation. Physical publication will be limited to the special thematic reports. For issues 30 to 35, copies will be printed retrospectively starting in 2021, and will become regular from the 36th issue onwards, with two issues published per year.

The Freemium program

The journal’s decision to go digital is in line with a democratic movement which, under the denomination of “open research”, aims to make academic research, data and their circulation more easily accessible to all audiences, specialists and non-specialists alike.

The Freemium program differentiates itself from Full Open Access thanks to:

  • Better scientific recognition: journals that request access to the Freemium program are subjected to a second selection process based on criteria such as quality, responsiveness to libraries’ and readers’ expectations (fields and themes), and the regularity of publication.

  • Legibility on a national and international level: Freemium carries out publicity and promotion with libraries and institutions.

  • Services offered to institutions: the Freemium program offers the possibility for its subscribers to gain access to certain services conceived specifically for their needs: personalized statistics, alerts, a personalized portal, MARC notices, metadata harvesting, etc.

Articles are freely available in HTML format for any user, and in PDF and ePub for users affiliated to institutions that are subscribed to the OpenEdition Freemium for Journals program (around 150 academic institutions and libraries around the world).

Open Archives

Issues of the journal are archived on Persée for issues 1 to 22 (1992-2014) and on OpenEdition from issue 23 onwards (2014-…)


Visitors and Downloads on OpenEdition

Traffic for the online journal is up since 2018. The number of pages visited has gone from 84,990 (2018) to 174,164 (2019).


Number of visitors

Number of pages visited

Articles downloaded





Number of visitors

Number of pages visited

Articles downloaded




Physical Subscriptions

An agreement since with Ocim in 2020 providing for the physical publication of the journal starting from issue 31. Subscriptions will recommence in 2021.

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