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80 Automne | 2014
Paganism in Late Victorian Britain

Le paganisme en Grande-Bretagne à la fin de l’ère victorienne
Edited by Claire Masurel-Murray and Charlotte Ribeyrol

This collection of articles on paganism in late Victorian Britain (1870–1901) aims at discussing literary and artistic representations of pagan beliefs and practices in the wake of the new anthropological explorations of ‘primitive’ cultures and rituals in the last quarter of the 19th century. The multifaceted approaches to paganism analysed in this volume, ranging from poetry to journalistic prose, from painting to novel, offer a rich cross-disciplinary focus on the rising fascination for paganism in art, religion, science and politics during that transitional period. No longer a purely elitist artistic reference, the paganism extolled by major Victorian artists and writers–whether Hellenic, Roman, Egyptian or Celtic–appears as a key to understanding their provocative and creative quest for alternative forms of worship and religious belief, in reaction against industrialization, materialism, scientism, and the dwindling of traditional faiths.

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