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72 Automne | 2010
Studies in the Theatre of Oscar Wilde

Textes recueillis par Marianne Drugeon

This issue is devoted to the theatre of Oscar Wilde. The first part concentrates on his four social comedies, first analysing their specificities and illustrating the tensions at the heart of Wilde’s theatre, oscillating between worship and rejection, conformity and resistance, imitation and denunciation. Then the plays are compared with former French plays which have inspired them, with a German play that is their contemporary, and with a more recent British play which is both a homage and an updated version of The Importance of Being Earnest. The second part dwells more particularly on Salomé, which is a symbolist play written in French, first concentrating on the play itself, then on its various adaptations as an opera, and even as Kabuki. Throughout the issue one is struck by the potent notion of hybridity, which illustrates the potentialities and the contradictions at the core of Wilde’s theatre.

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