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69 | 2009
Miscellany & Actes de la journée Thomas Hardy

The 69th volume of Cahiers victoriens et édouardiens is an issue that compiles eight spontaneous contributions from various fields of research. They compose its first section simply entitled Miscellany. This part features in no specific order the questioning of the heroic in Rider Haggard’s fiction, the way new sound technology fashioned Tennyson’s poetry, love relationships in Tasma’s antipodal fiction, Walter Pater’s dark aestheticism on the one hand and his consideration of old age on the other, the exotic eroticism pervading Daniel Deronda, the mystical ecstasy in Christina Rossetti’s poetry, and the construction of mid-Victorian suburban fiction. The second section is composed of seven contributions by Hardy specialists who attended the annual conference in Lyon in 2007. This part starts with Hardy’s now proverbial “moments of vision” where the woman, object of the male gaze, dissolves the screen and allows a new mode of writing to emerge; it is followed by Hardy’s poetics of stone, the close analysis of two counterpart poems “The Church-Builder” and “The Chapel-Organist”, followed in turn by an article about what the scholar calls the small prose poems pervading Tess of the d’Urbervilles, by a philosophical approach of rapture in “Tess’s Lament” and “Beyond the Last Lamp”, by the constant blending of poetry and fiction in Hardy’s career to end with the twin notions of repetition and poeticality in The Mayor of Casterbridge.

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