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78 Automne | 2013
Emprunts et empreintes de la langue étrangère dans la littérature victorienne et édouardienne

Coordonné par Emily Eells
Foreign Words in Victorian and Edwardian Literature

 This collection of articles focuses on the use of foreign words and phrases in Victorian and Edwardian literature. As the period was marked by colonialism as well as the expansion of the railway which facilitated cross-Channel links, there is particular resonance in the way its literature is punctuated by words from abroad. The intrusion of a foreign language in a text authored in English puts into play complex tensions of familiarity and otherness. It also raises questions of identity related to gender and nationality, and the sense of belonging to a defined socio-religious community. The aim of these studies is to show how the friction between English and other languages translates the intercultural exchange which is the hallmark of Victorian and Edwardian literature.

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