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Note to referees

Please could you let us have your views on the enclosed article, which has been submitted for publication in Arabian Humanities. We are not enclosing a comment form as you may wish to reply by email or to devise your own comment form. However, we do need you to indicate:

Whether you think the article should be (d) rejected, (c) returned for major revisions, (b) accepted subject to minor revisions or (a) accepted as it stands.

If you think it falls in categories (a) or (b) please say whether you regard it as essential to publish this article.

Please write your general comment on a separate sheet. In case you want to insert direct comments in the article itself, make sure to make the function of “correction” or “comment” anonymous in Windows. For this you must proceed as follows:

On Windows, go to ‘Tools’: ‘Options’, then ‘User’, then ‘User Initials’: set “Referee” as a noun, and as initial “CR”.

To help us with the difficult problem of selection for the journal, we would like you to comment on the following:

Does the article make an original contribution to knowledge in general? To the knowledge of the history and the societies in the Arabian Peninsula? Does it helps enriching the discipline in which it suits, and possibly the theme developed in this issue? If you think it does, please indicate in what way it does.

Does it present new evidence in an accessible way?

Is it sound in its methodology?

Is the referencing duly provided?

Finally, in the interest of maximising the opportunities for contributors to publish in the review, we are trying to ensure that the articles do not exceed 9000 words (end references not included). If you are indicating that the article is in category (a), (b), or (c) and that it is too long, please let us know if you think there are ways it could be shortened without undermining its central points.

Your comment is to be sent to Sylvaine Giraud ( and Laurent Bonnefoy ( Thank you

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