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Juliette Honvault
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1The seventh issue of Arabian Humanities revolves around a theme dear to its editors. At the heart of our project lies the end of the Arabian Peninsula’s isolation, too long forgotten by social science research and — because of its insularity — perceived as a place of exception. “Transnational Yemen” had already been the subject of a featurette in the very first issue back in 2013, calling upon scientists to broaden the scope of their research on the “transnational” to the entire peninsula. Finally, this has now been achieved, thanks to the work of geographers, anthropologists and sociologists working on the Persian Gulf as they show us the region through some of the many migratory flows that run through it, and how it extends beyond its borders. Truly connected to the world around it — be it Arab, Iranian, or Filipino — we see it trying to both profit and adapt to globalization, in a movement where it sets its own pace and maintains centrality, ever fearful of losing out. As for all the stakeholders surveyed, this means admittedly dealing with the challenge of constant redefinitions, both at individual and collective levels. Nationalist isolation functions there too as a reflex, while individuals try to broaden their horizons.

2If Yemen has not provided more research opportunities in this issue, this is because of the nature of the flows currently running through it — weapons of war and armed men to be precise — which are difficult to document. A year and a half of war has left the country isolated from the rest of the world. It is elsewhere, on the road to exile, that part of its population tries, with little response from the outside world, to keep on living and — for some — to make its existence felt. Let us hope that, before long, these refugees will at least find a place in our journal. We await them.

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Juliette Honvault

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