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1Building on the dynamism of the previous editorial team, a new phase of the development of our journal has been launched. In September 2017, the arrival of a new director for the CEFAS as well as the nomination of a new editor in chief for Arabian Humanities, secured the persistence of the publication through time. They also show that the existence of the journal can rely on a group of committed scholars stemming from various fields as well as on the continuous support given by the CNRS.

2The effort to enhance the visibility of Arabian Humanities in the academic landscape will be pursued. New colleagues have joined our editorial team and the scientific committee is spreading. We feel it is particularly important to amplify interactions and debates in Arabic in addition to English and French. Research needs to be disseminated to the widest audience possible. Above all, we strongly believe in the importance of open-access. The added value of our journal should be to erase not only disciplinary borders but also linguistic ones and to favor common spaces for academic exchange. The relevance of such a project is only confirmed by the fact that the Arabian Peninsula is undergoing profound reconfigurations but also destructions like in Yemen. It is of highest importance to hear the full variety of academic perspectives and to grant visibility to novel research carried out on the field.

3Moreover, this special issue edited by Anahi Alviso-Marino and Marine Poirier on the construction and usage of national identities in the Arabian Peninsula mostly addresses dynamics. It focuses on seemingly minor or marginal developments that highlight the diversity of social habits and the persistent tensions between state constructed identities and their appropriation by citizens.

4In this ninth issue, other articles are examples of the dynamism of current research in a wide range of dimmed fields, from archaeology to literature, and of the fruitfulness of collaborations. It is the very purpose of our journal to propose and defend an open-access and yet demanding outlet for all types of research.

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Laurent Bonnefoy et Abbès Zouache, « Editorial », Arabian Humanities [En ligne], 9 | 2017, mis en ligne le 13 juillet 2018, consulté le 19 mars 2019. URL :

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Laurent Bonnefoy

Editor in chief

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Abbès Zouache

Director of the CEFAS and director of publication

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