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Laurent Bonnefoy et Makram Abbès

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12021 has been a special year for Arabian Humanities. Certainly, the Covid-19 pandemic has continued to constrain for another twelve months the work of our contributors. It has also, eventually, affected the enthusiasm of many of us. However, tools enabling us to work remotely across lands and seas have not prevented our journal to continue to explore new objects.

2The year has also been different due to profound changes at the Centre français de recherche de la Péninsule Arabique (CEFREPA). After more than twenty-five years at the service of the publications of the institute, and of its library in Sana’a, Sylvaine Giraud has retired. In the name of the hundreds of contributors of Les Chroniques yéménites and now of Arabian Humanities but also of a wide range of monographs in many disciplines and languages who have interacted with her, we want to express our sincere gratitude. As serious and precise as one publication manager needs to be, Sylvaine was the soul and memory of the many books, papers, and articles published by the CEFREPA that have contributed to our collective knowledge on the Arabian Peninsula. We now welcome Dima Assad who manages the CEFREPA’s publications and will continue to work with many of us. Wind of change has also taken the form of the departure of the CEFREPA’s director, Abbès Zouache. His constant commitment for the Centre and its publications were infinitely precious.

3This issue of Arabian Humanities, the 15th, embodies the commitment of our network of researchers and contributors as much as of reviewers. It is also a testimony of the dynamism of the colleagues who, issue after issue, agree to co-edit the special dossier, taking care of the call for proposal and all the process that leads to the publication. Marion Breteau, Sterenn Le Maguer and Maho Sebiane masterfully edited the current volume on Omani history, soon to be followed by another issue on the same topic. Interesting proposals by academics from across the world were so numerous that it was decided to publish the articles in separate volumes. Issue 16 will soon be made available to all. Enthusiastic responses by colleagues from all over the world highlight the dynamism of research on the Sultanate of Oman. It also pinpoints how our journal has increasingly become an actor of the vitality of the Human and Social Sciences in the Arabian Peninsula.

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Laurent Bonnefoy et Makram Abbès, « Editorial », Arabian Humanities [En ligne], 15 | 2022, mis en ligne le 01 janvier 2022, consulté le 09 décembre 2023. URL : ; DOI :

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Laurent Bonnefoy

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