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Our seventeenth issue of Arabian Humanities pursues what has long been a scientific priority of our journal: observing the deep connections between the Peninsula and the wider world. Analyzing our region of focus as one which is far from isolated has certainly been among the guiding principles of the collective effort embodied by our successive issues, along with the idea that these seven societies are everchanging, and that they are best approached using interdisciplinary lenses.

Thanks to the involvement of Hasan Tariq al-Hasan, Philippe Pétriat and Aurélie Varrel who brilliantly edited this special issue on the historical relationship between “the Gulf” and “South Asia”, our journal manages to shed light on little known interactions that go well beyond recent flows of migrants and money. Respectively as specialists in international relations, contemporary history and geography, they guided a diverse set of authors, stemming from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds, generations and institutional affiliations, to generate fascinating snapshots and pieces of analysis. They highlight the significance of connections between the various shores of the Indian Ocean.

The three special editors as well as the editorial team of Arabian Humanities want to seize the opportunity of this short text to thank the anonymous reviewers for their kind and generous help. As our specialized journal focuses on a limited, although thriving, zone, the batch of those who are able, and willing, to evaluate in an always constructive manner the contributions the journal receives is far from unlimited. With the number of journals growing and as all researchers are mobilized to carry out peer-reviews, we are nevertheless fortunate to be able to count on the help of an expanding set of colleagues. We understand this trend as a sign that Arabian Humanities is in good shape and that, as an interdisciplinary scientific journal, its credit and recognition in its own field are growing.

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Makram Abbès et Laurent Bonnefoy, « Editorial », Arabian Humanities [En ligne], 17 | 2023, mis en ligne le 19 juillet 2023, consulté le 29 septembre 2023. URL : ; DOI :

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