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The Price of Freedom

Denise Pumain
Cet article est une traduction de :
Le prix de la liberté

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1Founded in April 1996, the journal Cybergeo is fifteen years old. Multilingual, European, it is now first among the francophone geography journals in the number of visitors to its site (330,000 in 2010, with 30 new articles published, and more than 500 articles since its creation). All of this while remaining in Open Access, free, and holding to very high standards of quality in the work that it puts online.

2This success has a price: the journal exists thanks to the support of the CNRS, which assures the indispensable presence of an editorial secretariat, and which encourages the distribution of journals in the Human and Social Sciences via the portal and the administrator of Lodel Contents, free software developed by the Cléo. The universities have also contributed in terms of premises and personnel. In a publishing world where large private groups are fighting for visibility based on the strength of their impact numbers, this public response represents a significant value.

3But in this springtime in which peoples are struggling for their freedom, it is necessary to reaffirm how demanding true freedom actually is. A scientific journal is maintained and developed thanks to all those who are willing to ‘play the game’ by taking the necessary trouble over the work. The price of quality is the hours spent by colleagues in producing science, in reading and re-reading articles, participating in improving communication by assuring the sharing of knowledge, consolidating their bases in their acquired experience, and in opening wide the door to innovation and debate.

4The Internet is a formidable instrument for freedom of expression. It is also a vector of information that is ever more abundant, but not always verified. A scientific journal offers a necessary service of intermediation between the proliferation of individual expressions and the elaboration of knowledge that is reliable because built up collectively.

5The quality of your contribution will be priceless for providing continuing support for this project. Our journal remains free because it is open, free AND of high standards. May many of you join us in this work of free scientific expression!

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Denise Pumain

ProfesseurUniversité de Paris 1 Panthé

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