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Free expressions, for a shared and traceable science

Denise Pumain
Traduction de Emma Maisonnave
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Expressions libres, pour une science partagée et traçable
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Expresiones libres, para una ciencia compartida y trazable

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1With the blog Cybergeo conversation, available on​, our journal provides a discussion space for less formal, “moderated” but not peer-reviewed papers that are faster and more spontaneous than scientific articles. You want to bring an “on-the-spot” reaction after reading an article, a contribution to a debate, another argument to a controversy, you have an oddity to point out, a methodology element to discuss, a novelty to propose, an intuition to share... quickly make a small note and publish it online immediately in this collective notebook of geography.

2If informal scientific discussions can become a visible part of the research work, an alluvium superficial in appearance that gives rise to new ideas, it is because it is rooted in the deep layers of accumulated knowledge, but also of observation and of “data” enriched in information by its conceptualised selection and its testing process. Often, the amount of work required to create an original database providing answers to research questions remains too little known during the evaluation of researchers. To promote these obscure but essential research works, but also to help build a cumulative science made up of more transparent and reproducible experiments, Cybergeo launches a new section, the “Data papers”. In these specialised articles, you will find not only access to data, but also all the metadata, the information useful for understanding and reusing the beautiful nuggets of science that are the data built to bring solid and shareable material for all.

3These articles are written in a specific format that is reported to the authors and evaluated by a specific editorial board, as for the GeOpenMod section. And the Cybergeo conversation blog is also open to your reactions about this new initiative in favour of a real “open science”!

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Denise Pumain, « Free expressions, for a shared and traceable science », Cybergeo : European Journal of Geography [En ligne], Éditoriaux, mis en ligne le 10 décembre 2017, consulté le 16 décembre 2018. URL :

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Denise Pumain

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