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Presentation of Data Papers

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Présentation de la rubrique Data Papers
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Cybergeo Data Papers

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1Cybergeo has always been in favour and at the frontline of open science, open access, open models and today: open data. For this purpose, the journal inaugurates a new form of peer-reviewed articles devoted to the description, documentation and evaluation of geographical databases produced by the authors. Within the Cybergeo article, you will find the link to the data itself, which is stored on a sustainable repository and distributed under an open licence. To comply with the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) principles, we recommend that you use the guides on:​how-to-make-your-data-fair

2Cybergeo data papers are more specific than their famous equivalents (Nature's Scientific Data, Open Health Data, etc.) because they pertain to geographical databases only. Therefore, the basic submission guidelines include a description of the scales, spatial features, GIS compatibility and geometry of the geographical elements forming the dataset, on top of the classic guidelines regarding sources of original records, data construction, methods and validation procedures.

3Cybergeo's data papers section aims at becoming a central place of secondary geographical databases where:

  1. the data production is transparent and citable (these are not public data),

  2. the work put by authors into the construction of geographical databases is documented so as to be reusable and transferable to new purposes,

  3. the data itself is evaluated and peer-reviewed, unlike what simple repository services offer,

  4. the datasets are accessible and searchable through dedicated semantic and geographical research engines.

4We invite all geographical data producers to document and to share their data via the new section of Cybergeo peer-reviewed articles, in order to promote a cumulative, reproducible and open geographical science.

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« Presentation of Data Papers », Cybergeo: European Journal of Geography [En ligne], Data papers, mis en ligne le 28 juillet 2020, consulté le 08 août 2022. URL : ; DOI :

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