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A Fab Lab for Open science

Denise Pumain
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1A recent article by Michèle Dassa and Christine Kosmopoulos in the letter from the National Institute of Human and Social Sciences of the CNRS tells us that Cybergeo is by far the first journal chosen to publish their articles by the institution's geography researchers over the past three years. We thank them collectively for their trust, which helps to validate our open publication model, known as "diamond" (to distinguish it from certain models known as "green" or "gold", which require payment from authors). Thanks to the support of the public institution CNRS, and the less expensive Freemium subscription system for libraries offered by OpenEdition, we can claim the financial viability of this model.

2We do not forget that the success and scientific influence of the journal is based on its demanding peer-review system, provided on a voluntary basis by a vast network of researchers and teachers. We would like to thank all those who agree to share their skills and contribute with their irreplaceable intervention to maintain and improve the quality of the publication. We publish here the lists of those who participate in the various committees (editorial, reading and numerous correspondents), which have recently been expanded and renewed, as well as the names of translators and proofreaders.

3We have, all of us together and for over two decades, been able to keep pace with the progress of research in geography and anticipate the necessary theoretical and technical developments. This demonstrates that the human and social sciences can and do pioneer in building a more open and accessible science for all. We recall this, without false modesty, in an article in the "Science and the Web" section, which relates the adventures and challenges but also the pitfalls of this short story, in the great digital revolution under way.

4And since geographers are in principle the first to follow developments in the world, we are pleased to announce the online translation into Chinese of the titles and summaries of our articles, with the ambition of participating in the growing and reciprocal opening of scientific exchanges across linguistic borders. For an open geography, for a more open world...

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Denise Pumain

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